Pioneer Town

In Pioneer Town, you can imagine a day when desperadoes faced off with the local law and decent citizens rubbed shoulders with card sharps and fancy ladies. Spend the day and weave your way through the Opera House, Cowboy Museum, Game Room, Bottle House, Print Shop, Ice Cream Parlor, Log Cabins, and Storefronts. Take a few pictures of your kiddos in the shoe-shining seat, on the life-sized plastic horse, or behind the "Wanted" poster.    


Old time workshops

It's easy to imagine the citizens of 1880s Wimberley using these tools to aid in everyday life.

play checkers

Find this checkers set-up and challenge your friend to a match!

Original architecture

Notice all the small details of this quaint town.


Bottle house

Visit this famous house made entirely of glass bottles, per the request of Walt Disney himself!