At first, there were two. Raymond L. Czichos and his wife were building their dream. Five rock cottages and a rock recreation room marked the beginning of 7A. In 1948, the Czichos added and rented a handful of cabins and began their family getaway on the Blanco River.

High Noon

On May 31, 2015 Wimberley, Texas and surrounding areas were devastated by a historical flood which left many families without their homes or belongings.

Lives were lost and rushing waters left damages that couldn’t be undone. 7A resort was no exception, numerous cabins were washed away and many of the tall cypress trees on the river bank which provided shade to guests and homes to nature’s beautiful creatures were swept away. As lucky as the resort was that no one was injured, much was lost that day. In February 2016, 70 years after the birth of 7A, the resort gained new ownership. With renovations and rebuilding, the legacy of 7A continues.


7A Resort is in its seventh decade as a family vacationland. From a secluded, sleepy village with only one paved road coming into town, to having four roads and a population of over 8,000, Wimberley has grown up quite a bit since 1946. Weekends and Market Days swell that number greatly, bringing in folks from all around.

Much has also changed a mile upriver at 7A Resort. The seven acres has grown up to 142. In 1956, a whole new atmosphere was created with the building of Pioneer Town as an attraction and entertainment place for young and old alike. The five original cabins grew to 19 plus two four-room units and three ten-room lodges. The Czichos family added another son, Carroll, after moving from Houston. Though Madge and R.L. are no longer alive, their children’s families have been actively involved in the continuing legacy of 7A Ranch Resort.

Each year new memories are made

As individuals, families and groups return again and again to experience the magic that originated in a tiny seven acres and the big dream of one family.