max occupancy

LODGES have a max occupancy of 40 guests.
All other units have a max occupancy listed within the description.
If more guests are found to be staying at the unit, 7A Resort will charge
an additional $100 per person per night. All guests will be provided a 7A Resort wrist band to wear during their stay. An addition guest is defined as anyone walking-age or older.


Each cabin is allowed 2 additional day guests at no additional charge.
Each day guest after 2 is $10 per person. Max amount of day guests is 5 people.
Please notify the 7A Office of all day guests.


Pets are permitted in Classic, Cantina and Loft cabins ONLY.
Our pet charge is $25 per pet per night with a maximum of 2 pets per unit.
All dogs must be on a leash and with their owner when outside of the cabin. Please clean up after your dog and dispose of waste properly.
Please notify the office of all pets at the time of booking.
If we find unreported pets, a pet fee will be assigned plus an additional $50 charge.

Neighborly Respect

Quiet Hours

Quiet time is from 10PM until 8AM. 
Please be respectful of other guests. Outside of quiet time, music should only be loud enough for the guests at your cabin or unit to hear.
This also applies to guests at the river. 
Also remember, 7A is a family-friendly resort. Offensive language or behavior will not be tolerated.


Smoking is prohibited in all units. A fee of $200 will be assessed for anyone who smokes inside a unit. Please dispose of all cigarette butts properly. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.
Smoking not allowed in the swimming pool area.


Please place all trash in trash receptacles closest to your unit.
Please place all cigarette butts in appropriate containers.
Water balloons and confetti eggs are not allowed on the premises.


Upon Check-IN

The guest must review the cabin or unit upon check-in and immediately let the front desk know of any problems. Maintenance requests will be responded to as quickly as possible following notification.

During Your Stay

If there is a problem with your cabin or unit, please contact the front office immediately to report the issue. Our maintenance staff will attempt to fix the problem in a reasonable amount of time.
If a problem is not reported to the front office, we cannot fix it and the guest will not be refunded any portion of the bill. If the problem is not fixable or interrupts your stay for an unreasonable amount of time (12+ hours after report), a manager will work with you to correct the issue.
Refunds will not be given for issues reported at checkout.

Lost & Found

Items left at 7A Resort can be mailed back to customers for a minimum fee of $25 plus the cost of shipping.