A Texas Treasure

We thought it was about time to show y'all Blue Hole...


...And time for our friends to meet our hiking buddy,Mickey!

The City of Wimberley began a project back in 2005 to preserve Blue hole from development and threats it could bring to its environment. 


The task force had their work cut out for them.

  • Steve Klepfer
  • Carolyn Nichols
  • Tevis Grinstead
  • Peter Way
  • Marilee Wood

Their hard work paid off, in less than two years 126 acres was officially Wimberley's. Though the hard work was hardly over.

By 2013 the park was complete and open to the public!

The park has many informational signs about the environment and those who contributed to its preservation. 

There are also many




Along with the brilliant man-made Cairns...

There's beautiful nature.


Yes, I brought my pup with me. But please note, dogs are not allowed by the water!

Friends of Blue Hole promotes, protects, preserves and supports Blue Hole Regional Park –
the natural place to be.
— friendsofbluehole.org/

Though water access is not permitted during the fall through spring, the summer season proves to be a great time to enjoy Cypress Creek. 


Mickey read over the rules before we entered the park. Be like Mickey. 

To learn more and keep up with Blue Hole, see their website and check out their Facebook

Click here to donate to the preservarion and growth of Blue Hole Regional Park.

Bree Carrico