"They Call it the Hill Country, We Call it Home" #WimberleyWednesday

Old Baldy aka Mount Baldy


We escaped the office in time to grab our adventure buddy and head to one of Wimberley's best lookout points before the sun went down!


With 217 steps to summit at an elevation of 1,171 feet, Mt. Baldy offers a view that slows down this fast-paced world we are living in...Kind of makes leg spasms and stomach craps worth it.


Maybe we should make this more of a regular thing. Even Scout needed some encouragement for those last few steps.


Is it any wonder why Wimberley is called "a little bit of heaven?"  

Put Mount Baldy on your "must do" list next time you come to town.

Check out our blog next week to find out where to find the best craft beer this side of the Blanco River!

They call it the Hill Country, I call it beautiful
— Kent Finlay